Coffee Cake Club Gift Subscription

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Gift a 3 or 12-month subscription with the flexibility of letting your recipient start it whenever they want! 

Recipient can start the subscription any month, and will receive cakes for 3 or 12 consecutive months. 

We will mail the recipient a card from you with a secret code and instructions to redeem their cakes.

Enter your shipping address at checkout if you'd like to hand deliver it to your recipient(s).



Shipping and taxes included in price.

Flavor of the month cakes ship starting the 15th every month.



    November 2020

    • Caramel apple pie with cinnamon sugar coating 

    December 2020

    • Figgy pudding with candied oranges and big lug stout

    January 2021

    • Maple-bacon-bourbon, featuring west fork whiskey and smoking goose bacon

    February 2021

    • Chocolate raspberry truffle coated in raspberry sugar dust 

    March 2021

    • Key lime pie, lime glaze, graham cracker crumble

    April 2021

    • Cherry cheesecake with cheesecake glaze

    May 2021

    • Strawberry rhubarb with Big Lug sour beer glaze 

    June 2021

    • Lemon poppyseed with fresh squeezed lemon glaze

    July 2021

    • Crunch berry, filled mixed berry compote and dusted in captain crunch sugar 

    August 2021

    • Indiana sweet corn: local corn jam, dusted in corn sugar

    September 2021

    • Peach cobbler with brown sugar oat crumble

    October 2021

    • Pumpkin spice cheesecake with cookie butter glaze